Anti-Slip Surface

Anti-slip surface application

Anti-slip surface. The Safer way to Bathe
If someone slips in the bath, it can hurt! Yet even today, many baths don’t have a non-slip application. Rubber mats can look unsightly. Moulds can build up on and underneath them and limescale can form. Matts can also harbour all sorts of germs that we would rather not think about. Rubber matts also tend to damage the surface of the bath. We do not recommend their use as an anti slip source on resurfaced baths. A Renubath Anti-Slip surface is better to prevent accidents.

It is especially important to ensure an anti- slip surface for little children or elderly. If you run a hotel or a guest house it is even more vital that you take steps to ensure the bath is safe. It’s your responsibility to consider guests’ health and safety. If a valued client slips in one of your baths, it costs more than the compensation for any injuries they may suffer. It also hurts your reputation and promotes the image of a hotel that doesn’t care.

Whether walking into a shower cubicle or stepping into the bath we recommend our anti-slip surface to help prevent accidents.

The solutions

A suitable surface can be applied to provide the friction necessary to prevent slipping. We offer several solutions to suit your needs and requirements whether you’re a hotel with hundreds of baths or private customer with just the one. Our anti-slip surfaces can be applied quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption. The bath can be ready for use immediately. If you are having your bath resurfaced the special non slip surface can be applied on the same day. If all you want is a non slip surface let us know. We can quote for that as well.


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