Resurfacing options

3 Star service
The cost effective solution to bath refurbishment. The surface is coated with Renubath’s exclusive,

Resurfacing options
Resurfacing options

hardwearing VITROCOAT® material. We ask you not to use the bath for five days in order for the new surface to cure naturally. The one year Renubath guarantee applies.

4 Star service
For those in a hurry. This service is as the 3 star service but utilises infra-red heat technology so the bath is ready for use the next day and comes with a one year Renubath guarantee. We do not sand and polish the bath in this instance.

5 Star service
For those that demand the best. The bath receives several dedicated undercoats, prior to the final application of VITROCOAT®. The surface is then mechanically polished and buffed to a luxurious shine. This insures the new surface is smooth and shiny and easy to clean. The bath is again ready to use virtually straight away and comes with a two year Renubath guarantee.

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