Chip Repair

Chip Repair

Chip/surface repair

Where a bath or shower tray has been damaged during installation or as a result of impact damage when in situ, Renubath can speedily and efficiently effect a local bath repair that is virtually impossible to detect.

Often when the bath is damaged in these scenarios the bath will have some chips. It can also be scratched or even quite large areas damaged and chunks of the bath removed leaving bare metal behind. Sometimes in acrylic baths the bath is left with a hole or cracked area. This is unsightly and unpleasant to bath in. We are the experts at repairing damaged baths.

How we repair chips is very different from the technicques we would use to repair cracked items or holes in bath tubs.
The skilled operators repair the area of the chip and colour match each chip before sealing the affected area. The colour matching is a very skilled and important aspect of getting a perfect chip repair or surface repair finish. If this is not done correctly, even on a white bath, the effect can be look terrible. Cast Iron, Pressed Steel and Acrylic baths as well as most types of shower tray can have chips repaired.


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